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AlchemE [al-kuh-mee] noun –
the seemingly magical process of harnessing the unseen energetic forces of life to effortlessly create the extraordinary.


Are you ready to collectively attract more? To profoundly elevate the human experience, going beyond the conditioning of the matrix and living a life where dreams soar and aspirations bloom.

Discover the Essence of Energy

We are at the dawn of the next tier of human consciousness. Learn how to connect and direct unseen sacred forces and the information field to manifest more of your potential and having greater impact on the lives of others.

Awaken Your Intuition

It's time! Your life can no longer remain the same, and something is calling you. To give, get, and live with a bigger purpose, inspiring profound impact.


Let's explore and practice the energetic mastery of your life. Discover your unique signature to self-organize; manifesting and growing in all domains of life. 

"Therese has an extraordinary spirit. Personally, when I have been in a low energy state, Therese knows exactly what questions to ask to 1) remind me of the strategies I have learned and 2) enable to shift my own energy to a more energy rich state. Therese is well equipped to move you in the right direction to self-healing. She has done this with me – on more than one occasion - and she will do it for you too!"

Stephan Papa, NY

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